News – Café Victoria

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The Victoria Hospital Facility Board has recently established a café in the hospital to provide staff, patients and visitors with wholesome and economical food and drink options seven days a week. As Victoria is some distance from other shops and restaurants, the Café Victoria gives a convenient service on the spot.

CT Scan Service at Victoria

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After a long absence, Victoria Hospital is again able to offer its patients a CT Scan service on the premises in Wynberg. This saves patients having to travel to Groote Schuur for these scans, and allows the doctors at Victoria to make rapid diagnoses and start treatment immediately, saving cost and ensuring a better outcome […]

New Forensic Medicine facility at Victoria

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The Forensic Medicine department of Victoria Hospital provides an essential service to patients that have been the victims of any form of abuse. The patients are examined and treated by specially trained staff who ensure that they are treated with kindness and consideration, but also ensure that any evidence that may be required for a […]

New Emergency Centre for Victoria Hospital

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Victoria Hospital embarked on a project to build a new state of the art Emergency Center (EC) on land immediately behind the existing hospital buildings. The project, which is fully funded by the Western Cape Department of Health, is due to be completed in the middle of 2021. The first phase of the project was […]


Abundant Life: Palliative Care brings hope to those facing death

Posted on July 21, 2016 with 1 comment

  “Preparing people for death is one of the most empowering things we can do”, says Clint Cupido of the Abundant Life Palliative Care Programme, Victoria Hospital, Wynberg in Cape Town. For years this team has offered Palliative Care to those facing the end of life and their families, counselling, practical support and care. Their […]


Victoria Hospital – a Family-friendly Hospital

Posted on October 12, 2015

Family. The reason that we see Victoria Hospital as one big family is because we really value the impact that care and compassion from family has on patients. With the right family support and day-to-day care, we are confident most patients will get well soon. Victoria Hospital officially treats each patient individually, but we see the patient’s […]


5 reasons to be a Friend of Victoria

Posted on October 9, 2015

Want to be a Friend of Victoria forever? Everyone who fundraises, donates funds, gives something in kind or volunteers their time is a Friend of Victoria. Caring for your community is easy when you support a hospital that is as community focused as Victoria Hospital. Touch the lives of men, women and children from Wynberg to […]


Teddys for Forensics

Posted on October 4, 2015

Thanks to a generous donation from a Cape Town schoolgirl, the Forensics Department has many more teddies and toys to help welcome the children who come to the department. Donating your entire teddy bear collection to a hospital is a big step, but this teenage girl (who would like to stay anonymous)  didn’t hesitate as […]