Orthopaedics Department

Dedicated to restoring movement and stability


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Orthopaedics Department

Our body is made up of 206 bones which protect our organs and help us sit, run, dance, hold loved ones, hear and much more. The orthopaedics team is passionate about finding lasting solutions, that bring back freedom of movement as much as is possible for their patients. Victoria Hospital specialises in knee and hip replacements, which were found to be in great demand.  A hip replacement especially is well known to be a highly effective operation, significantly improving a patient’s life.

Monday clinics offer patients a chance to wait on Dr Paul’s “Magic Bench” where their injuries are seen and sorted out (without red tape) in record time. The orthopaedics team also partners closely with the Physiotherapy Department, who helps rehabilitate full joint replacements especially.

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Dr. Paul Rowe – Orthopaedic Surgeon
Head of Department, Orthopaedics

Dr Rowe is a doctor with a big-picture view of all that is happening in orthopaedics in the Western Cape. His time at Victoria Hospital started in 2004 as an orthopaedic specialist. He then he became a co-ordinating clinician in 2005 and a Level 2 Head in 2010. That service earned him a place on Victoria’s Honour Board which recognises doctors who have stayed longer than ten years. Dr. Rowe now oversees the Orthopaedics Departments of both Victoria Hospital and Mitchell’s Plain Hospital. He is passionate about full joint replacements and devised a ‘Standardised Waiting List’ to prioritise the most severe patients in the province.

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Orthopaedics Department

Restoring movement and strength



A Monday Clinic welcomes patients wanting a quick check-up and fast solutions.

Total Joint Replacements

Total knee and Hip replacements are a focus of the department. Hip Replacements are the most successfull of all operations.

Broken bones and pinning

Fractures and pinning operations are performed by the orthopaedic department.

"This is a hospital that works. Its different here, the staff never say no, they simply say "What do you need?" "

- Dr Paul Rowe -