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The teams with the healing touch


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The Physiotherapy department is full of sunlight and the enthusiastic voices of a team that insists that being assertive and upbeat is part of the job. Physiotherapy is a combination of therapeutic massage and carefully-designed exercises that help get patients moving. This department serves post-operative outpatients and those with injuries and asthma. The Physiotherapist also visits patients in the wards, especially orthopaedic full joint replacement patients.


Empowering people to live life well – that’s what our Occupational Therapy (OT) department is all about. From re-teaching a hand surgery patient how to use a spoon to helping developmentally delayed children how to sit, our OT plays a key role in the (better) functioning of the patients in Victoria Hospital. The department offers outpatients care every morning, helping children with developmental delay, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Autism as well as deafness and blindness. Adults with strokes and other injuries are also seen each morning. In the afternoon our OT will serve the wards and teach new skills to patients who have had amputations, hand operations and strokes. This department is responsible for assigning wheelchairs to those who need it.

Rufqa Abbas – Physiotherapist
Head of Department, Physiotherapy

Outgoing head of department, Rufqa Abbas, has ably lead physiotherapy since 2009. Her six years at Victoria Hospital have allowed her to focus on patients with asthma who need to be tested for lung function. She has enjoyed the way that, at Victoria, the staff of different departments work very closely together; from cleaning staff to admin staff and doctors, many are on first name terms.

Click to meet OT, Johanna Kidd.

Johanna Kidd – Occupational Therapist
Head of Department, Occupational Therapy 

Johanna has been at Victoria Hospital since mid-2013 and enjoys her time split between the paediatric  and adult wards throughout the hospital. She loves the variety of cases she gets to experience at the hospital, but has a special passion for working with children and hand therapy patients.

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Physiotherapy Department

There throughout the healing process


Post-operative Care

Physios teach healing excercises and offer massage to full joint replacement patients.

Asthma Clinic

Asthma is measured by a lung function test and treated with exercises and percussion.

Ward visits

Physios help patients affected by strokes and all orthopaedic operations.

"At Victoria we work very closely together. I know people by name
from the nurses and orthopods to the
cleaners and admin people."

- Rufqa Abbas -