Social Work

A practical investment in moving lives forward.


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Most patients long to go home after a stay at Victoria, but for some ‘home’ is not a safe place where they can easily heal. A social worker practises alongside other government groups, NPOs, doctors and schools to show a patient what their ‘next steps’ after hospital are. This is not always an easy solution as resources are very stretched in many directions, especially in respect of dealing with drug rehabilitation and mental health.

However the day-to-day victories may be seeing that a child goes to school, that a mentally ill person gets ongoing care, an abused child is placed in protection or an elderly person reconnects with family. Our social workers  do all they can to make going home something that patients look forward to.

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Fowzia Salie  – Social Worker 
Head of Department, Social Work 

Fowzia Salie has been HOD of the Social Work Department at Victoria Hospital for 20 years, spending all those years experiencing the joy and pain of tackling common issues in the district, like substance abuse, child and women abuse and unemployment. She says she started out wanting to save the world, but now sees the value of change in just one person’s life. As she looks towards her later years and to retirement, she dreams of applying her extensive experience to workshops to educate and empower parents.

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Rebecca Lazarus, Social Worker

Rebecca has been a social worker at Victoria Hospital for four years. Her main focus is in the Paediatrics Department, where she works with children facing challenges at home or in their community. She also supports the work done in the medical, surgical and psychiatric wards.

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"Social work is all about making small investments that may pay out richly later. The client gets to decide what they do with that investment, it is their life to live."

- Fowzia Salie -