Emergency Department

A close team saving lives 24 hours a day


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In an emergency, immediate life-saving expert care is what matters most. Three emergency specialists are present throughout the week  at Victoria Hospital’s busy emergency room, ready  to make the urgent decisions that save lives. Of course, under such stressful circumstances a team needs to be close-knit and very supportive of each other. At Victoria Hospital the emergency team leaders have worked together for 19 years. The Friends of Victoria are pleased to partner with the government as a new Emergency Centre worth R60 million is built.  It is projected to open its doors in 2018. Until then we are dedicated to offering a team of top staff, top equipment and excellent results.

CONTACT THE EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT through the hospital switchboard in an emergency.

Call us on 021 799 111

Contact Hospital Switchboard and ask for the Emergency Department


Dr Philip Cloete and Dr Jacques Malan
Head of Department, Emergency

The Emergency Ward is led by a dynamic team of Emergency specialists. In a busy and unnerving environment, it is their job to remain calm and ensure that their patients get the best life saving care possible. Dr Cloete has developed a special interest in intensive care, while Dr Malan presents ECG courses and lectures internationally.

Click on picture to meet Sister Ord

Sister Colleen Ord – Ops Manager

After years as an orthopaedics sister, Sister Ord took up the challenge of managing an emergency centre – and stayed for 18 years. She has a specialised nursing degree in emergency and trauma and encourages learning among her team of nurses. It all goes towards offering the most excellent emergency care.

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Emergency Department

Serving the Community 24 hours a day


Highly qualified team

Three highly-skilled Emergency Specialists are on duty or on call 24 hours a day.

Excellent Results

The Emergency team is most proud of their track record of many lives saved.

Amazing team

Teamwork and mutual support is essential in this high stress department.

There is no glamour, no one saying 'Stat!'
But it is making patients feel listened to, cared for
and human in a tough moment."

- Dr. Anke Nitzsche -