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Emergency Support

This is a project for the Emergency Department of Victoria Hospital, Wynberg.

An emergency doctor often has just seconds to save a life especially during resuscitation. Groundbreaking technology isn’t just a part of these success stories – its essential. The Emergency Department of Victoria Hospital operates 24/7 and cares for up to 90 000 patients a year, doing over 70 full code resuscitations per month. The department treats babies, children and adults suffering from a range of trauma from severe illness to crime and motor vehicle accidents. There is a high chance that emergency cases in our catchment area, come directly to Victoria Hospital to be stabilised before transfer to a private hospital.  Victoria Hospital hopes to raise the standard of the equipment to match the excellent standard of our emergency medical team.  Don’t hesitate to sponsor and be part of saving lives in the communities served by Victoria Hospital. Note: Picture left is a simulated resuscitation.

Scan on Site

A CT Scan (you may know it as a CAT Scan) is an excellent diagnostic tool used by almost every department in Victoria Hospital. A CT Scan creates 3D images from multiple x-Rays and helps diagnose everything from brain tumours to emphysema,  heart problems and complex fractures.

Victoria Hospital needs sponsorship towards: 
– R1 million per year for the maintenance of our current machine.
– R8 million to purchase a new, up-to-date CT Scan machine.

Presently our patients are moved to Groote Schuur for scans and back to Victoria Hospital for treatment. This move is a waste of funds, often risky for patients and not always possible in an emergency. A CT Scan machine has moved from being a highly specialised to an essential piece of equipment in all district hospitals like Victoria Hospital.  Donate towards a CT scan machine and improve our clinical service immeasurably.

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X-Ray Vision

This is a project for the Radiography Department of Victoria Hospital, Wynberg.

As with so much of our modern world, x-ray Departments have converted to a digital format for all their x-rays. Yet due to a lack of funding, Victoria Hospital is still using a film-based process for our x-rays.

So Victoria Hospital would like to digitise the x-ray Department:
– R5 million to fully digitise the x-ray department

This would have huge benefits, including being able to access specialist advice at a distance (by sending the x-rays or CT-scans to experts online). We also look forward to being able to store patient x-rays/CT scans records digitally. Donate towards a modernised Victoria x-ray department.

Standing Strong

This is a project of the Orthopaedics Department of Victoria Hospital, Wynberg.

Strong bones and joints are an essential part of easy, pain-free movement.

The Orthopaedics Departments urgently needs the following:
– R1.2 million for a C-Arm used in bone-setting operations
– R200 000 to R500 000 towards Hip and Knee Joint operations

A C-Arm machine takes X-rays while a patient is in theatre. The surgeon straightens a patients bone and takes an X-ray to check before applying the plaster. Bones can be checked and re-set resulting in perfectly set limbs.

Hip and Knee joint replacements – many patients wait between 1-3 years for these life-altering procedures. Donate and decrease waiting times and increase the quality of care.


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Cutting Edge Care

This is a project of the Surgical Department of Victoria Hospital, Wynberg.

Advances in technology have allowed us to perform surgery without cutting open the patient’s abdomen. This is “key-hole” surgery or, more formally, laparoscopic surgery.

The Surgical Department needs:

– R 2 million for surgical stacks (2 are needed at R1 million each)
– R500 000 for an ENT microscope to correct hearing loss

Laparoscopic surgery is far less invasive, using cameras and fine tools to allow a surgeon to make tiny incisions instead of cutting open the patient’s abdomen. Healing time and time in hospital is reduced and so more patients can be seen. It is the internationally-accepted standard and Victoria Hospital is proud to offer this service. The equipment required is a series of instruments and monitors that use fibre optics to allow the surgeon to see into an abdomen through a small hole.   We have recently started curative laparoscopic surgery for bowel and kidney cancers.

Another exciting development is the ENT microscope that allow Victoria Hospital to treat hearing impairment in children and adults with a reasonably short operation. Donate and be part of these ground-breaking steps forward.

20/20 Hindsight

This is a project of the Surgery department, with a focus on Colon Care. 

Gastroscope and colonoscope: The gastroscope visualises the inside of your upper gastrointestinal system (GUT). It’s essential for diagnosing ulcers, heartburn and stomach tumours.

A colonoscope visualises the lower GUT – diagnosing tumours, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, haemorrhoids and a host of other conditions. All adults above 40 need a colonoscope every five years or sooner.

The busy clinics need this equipment urgently: 
– R600 000 for combined Colonoscope and Gastroscope equipment
– R400 000 for an endoscope stack, a camera system used to operate the scopes allowing doctors to see inside of the bowel on a television screen
– R500 000 for a scope washer essential to the process.

Give and ensure the community receives life-saving care.

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Dash for Life

This is a project for the Paediatrics Department of Victoria Hospital, Wynberg.

The Paediatric Ward was expanded and modernised to world-class standards several years ago but doctors are urgently calling for updated equipment for the resuscitation room and children’s ward, to match growing patient numbers:

The Children’s Ward is needing:

– R170 000 per Paediatric Monitor – three are needed

These monitors track the heart rate and vital signs of a child in crisis, who urgently needs resuscitation. At best, there would be a monitor for every two beds in the room as sharing monitors between too many patients is not ideal.

These monitors are used in the resuscitation room and in the general wards . Other wards also use Dash monitors for daily care of patients. Dash for Life is a project that calls on sports people (from athletes to cyclists and triathletes) to raise sponsorship for their next race and do a “Dash for Life”.

The Colour of Hope

This is a project of a number of Victoria Hospital departments.

Victoria Hospital is 126 years old and retains a century of history, charm and beauty. However, this means the building requires constant maintenance and a few areas need urgent aesthetic and functional attention.

Funding is needed to upgrade the wards:

– R2 million to upgrade Sandes Male Medical Ward
R2 million to upgrade Sandes Female Medical Ward
R2 million to upgrade C1 Male Surgical Ward
– R2 million to upgrade C2 Female Surgical Ward

This project aims to offer staff and patients a beautiful, functional work environment – through new curtains and a bright coat of paint. Donate and be part of surrounding staff and patients with morale-boosting colour.

Budgets and plans vary according to the size of sponsorship and range of improvements, but much can be done with an investment of R2 000 000.

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Help to Heal

This is a project for the Occupational Therapy Department of Victoria Hospital, Wynberg.

After an injury or operation Victoria Hospital comes alongside patients to ensure they are fully rehabilitated. Patients in rehabilitation often need wheelchairs, crutches, walking frames and other assistive devices.

The need is for:

– R500 000 for a wide range of equipment, many items starting at R2 000

Patients often have to wait weeks if not months for a wheelchair. How about asking friends to sponsor a wheelchair in lieu of a birthday gift to ensure someone gets the wheelchair they urgently need.  Pricing of equipment, like wheelchairs, starts at approximately R2 000. Giving this equipment goes far to bring mobility and dignity to patients in the community.

More information

Donate and become a Friend of Victoria for life. 

These different projects highlight Victoria Hospital’s most urgent needs. Sponsors can choose to support any of the projects above – and with that support become a Friend of Victoria for life. Whether it be personal appeal or the way a project promises to make a sustainable difference in the lives of the community around Victoria Hospital, every sponsor is drawn to a different need. Projects may change from time to time, based on changing priorities and ongoing sponsor response. Equipment prices may vary due to exchange rate and inflation (most of the equipment is imported). Please contact Victoria Hospital’s fundraiser or manager should you wish to discuss a project.

"We're excited about these new projects,
it takes a lot of thought to
decide which projects to run with first."

- Dr. Melvin Moodley -