Fundraising Equipment List - Emergency Department

Technology is an important part of saving lives


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The Friends of Victoria are pleased to partner with the government as a new Emergency Centre worth R75 million is built at Victoria Hospital.  It is projected to open its doors in 2020. We are also scheduled to start a CT Scan service in 2018.

As Victoria Hospital evolves, so too does our need for equipment and staffing. We invite you to join us as a sponsor and be part of our journey to deliver quality healthcare to our patients. Scroll below to see a detailed Prority Project List.

Click through the images on the left to see various ways new technology impacts patients. 

Each month, 3 000 people arrive at the Victoria hospital Emergency Centre. Some of these patients require immediate life-saving interventions, including ventilation using a life support machine. The types of patients requiring this support range from children with breathing difficulties to asthmatics to patients with heart attacks (myocardial infarction)

 We have three emergency medicine specialists working in the EC, and together they are able to offer a range of high value and highly technical services such as the care of critically ill patients. The ventilators will allow us to improve our management of patients. We would also be able to care for patients even when there are no ICU beds available.

In the movies, this is the machine used when the doctor yells “clear”, and then shocks the patient – who usually returns to life. This is not far from the truth, this machine is used to resuscitate a patient and return their heart to a normal rhythm. It is needed in every area in the hospital, and is used to save patient’s lives. While not in constant use like an ECG, it is the sort of machine that’s essential have when you really need it. Costs of these machines are related to the need to fully replace them.

This is a specialised trolley used for patients in the resuscitation room/emergency room.

The Carescape Monitor is used to monitor a patient’s vital signs (blood pressure, pulse etc.) during and after resuscitation. It’s an essential item throughout the emergency management of the patient and lets the nursing staff know immediately if there is a problem with the breathing or heart rate of a patient.

These Huntley beds are standard patient beds that require periodic replacing. Our overnight ward patients usually stay less than 24 hours with us, but still require a comfortable and dignified place to sleep.

This instrument is used to examine the ears and eyes of a patient. It is wall-mounted and remains a part of the emergency ward.