Palliative Care Department

Care for patients facing the end of life


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Palliative Care Department

“When you learn how to die, you learn how to live”.    As one approaches the journey of life into death, professional support and advice  in the last few months can be most beneficial for patient and family alike. The Palliative Care Department offers this support to those who are are expected to die within six to 12 months. This is for both young and old, facing illnesses like cancer, organ failure and HIV/AIDS.

The unique ‘Abundant Life’ programme at Victoria Hospital is a training and support group guiding patients in enriching their time with their families, as well as building support groups for the patients. Practical advice in respect of patients’ administrative affairs, such as wills, is also provided.   The programme was developed by Dr. Lindi van Niekerk and is now lead by Dr. Clint Cupido and Sister Elizabeth Pitout.

Dr. Clint Cupido – Specialist Physician
Head of Palliative Care

Dr. Cupido started at Victoria Hospital  in 2008 and was then appointed  Head of Medicine for five years. He was drawn to palliative care by the desperate need in the community. Now he manages the ongoing care of patients and the Abundant Life support group.

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Sister Elizabeth Pitout – Head of Abundant Life 

Sister Pitout has headed up the twice-monthly support group for the past five  years – offering education and emotional support. She also organises home visits to a group of 180 patients. A key member of the team is Kathy Booysen, responsible for phone check-ups at key times.  Victoria Hospital’s Social worker, Dietician and Physiotherapist  are also an integral part of the team.

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The Abundant Life Programme offers

Support from a Group that feels like Family


Home Visits

Home visits bring care right to the bedside of the most ill patients and comfort to their families.

Support Groups

Support Groups allow patients to talk about their feelings, connect and find courage from friends that feel like family.

Phone call Support

The Abundant Life team connects frequently with patients and their families to offer advice and comfort.

"We have patients who live on, beyond expectations.
We must be doing something right!"

- Sister Elizabeth Pitout -