Forensic Medicine Department

24 Hour Counselling and Care for Trauma Survivors


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Forensic Medicine Department 

The first few hours after a crime are critical: for both DNA and evidence retrieval as well as the psychological care of the rape or crime survivor. Our leading Forensics Department is widely acknowledged for providing professional, compassionate care to survivors of crime in Cape Town.
We offer a 24 HOUR Forensic Department and 24 HOUR rape counselling service. We offer medical, legal and counselling support to survivors of crime. Contact us on 021 799 1235 for advice or admission to the department. 

Victoria Hospital  ensures DNA evidence is taken with care and accuracy and that our patients are treated with professionalism, warmth and kindness. Our medical team sees testifying in court as part of their job and partners with the police, courts, social workers and survivors in the legal process. The Forensic Department is also newly refurbished and is in a quieter, separate building of the hospital, ensuring a survivor’s privacy.

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CALL US DIRECT on 021 799 1235

Call us for advice or admission to the Forensics Unit. We are here to help.


Dr. Rhene De Villiers – Forensic Practitioner
Head of Department, Forensics

Dr. De Villiers is passionate about providing a world class forensics service to our clients.  She has been head of forensics at Victoria Hospital since 2017 and has practised as a forensic medicine doctor in the United Kingdom for over 14 years. She has a wealth of experience in the care of survivors, and is an expert in forensic evidence collection.   Rhene is committed to making sure that every step of the process is factual and correct because even a small error can destroy a case. She loves the teamwork at Victoria Hospital and enjoys partnering with the Emergency, Radiology and Paediatric Wards.

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Forensics Department

Open 24 hours for counselling and evidence retrieval



Victoria is widely accepted as an expert and caring clinical forensic unit, one of the best trauma units in Cape Town.


We're compassionate and committed to 24-hour Counselling. We know the power of counselling straight after trauma.


We are dedicated to making sure justice is done with accurate DNA and evidence that ensure a conviction.

"A victim of a crime does not want to be re-traumatised by this process. Victoria Hospital really has a dedicated Forensics Department fully equipped to care about every detail."

- Dr. Rhene Devilliers -