Dietetics Department

If you are what you eat, healthy is our goal


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If you are what you eat, then plenty of us realise that our lifestyles impact hugely on our health and ability to live full lives. In life-style related illnesses¬† like heart disease, diabetes, obesity and malnutrition, changing one’s diet is central to bringing healing – or at least ensure the management of disease.

The Dietetics Department works closely with patients in the wards, often then seeing them as outpatients and even out in other clinics and hospitals. Changing one’s diet takes time and the dieticians guide patients on this journey.

Diana Stead РDietician 
Head of Department, Dietetics

Diana has offered patients healing dietary guidance for 14 years at Victoria Hospital and 8 years at Somerset Hospital before that. She loves working with children, tackling issues like malnutrition, gastro, obesity and feeding in kids with cerebral palsy. Of Victoria Hospital she says she love the smallness and family and that the patients feel comfortable to come back for support.

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"What we eat is a very personal part of our lives.
Changing habits takes time and a lot of counselling."

- Diana Stead -