Orthopaedics Department

Dedicated to restoring movement and stability


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Orthopaedics Department

Our body is made up of 206 bones which protect our organs and help us sit, run, dance, hold loved ones, hear and much more. The Victoria orthopaedics team is passionate about finding lasting solutions, that bring back freedom of movement as much as is possible for their patients. Victoria Hospital offers a variety of Orthopaedic surgeries to reach this goal.

The Orthopaedic service includes clinics, elective surgeries and emergency surgeries. Clinics include Monday fracture clinic, Thursday elective clinic and Friday spine and fracture clinic. We have the privilege of working closely with doctors from Groote Schuur and Mitchell’s Plain who offer their specialist assistance at clinics and in theatre. We aim to offer patients excellent care in record time.

The orthopaedics team also partners closely with the Physiotherapy Department, who help rehabilitate patients.



Dr Jeannie McCaul- Orthopaedic Surgeon

Head of Department, Orthopaedics


Dr McCaul joined Victoria Hospital as the Head of the Orthopaedics department in 2020. She is a skilled surgeon and has a special interest in limb reconstruction. Dr McCaul is committed to offering the best possible orthopaedic service and collaborates with doctors from Groote Schuur and Mitchell’s plain hospital to improve the services offered at Victoria. She works with students and other primary level hospitals around Victoria to train and improve their skill sets. She heads up the interview and recruitment process for the Cape Metro Orthopaedic Medical Officer rotation. Dr McCaul is involved in an outreach program to False Bay Hospital and is in the process of growing this outreach service. In her spare time she enjoys kite surfing and riding her motorbike.

Orthopaedics Department

Restoring movement and strength



Clinincs are held through the week to offer specialised care.

Elective Operations

Arthroplasty and limb reconstruction are amongst the wide variety of elective operations.

Emergency Orthopaedics

Fractures and other emergency orthopaedic conditions.

"This is a hospital that works. Its different here, the staff never say no, they simply say "What do you need?" "

- Dr Paul Rowe -