Radiology Department

Giving physicians and doctors X-Ray vision


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Like magic, X-Rays allow doctors to see deep into our bodies. Victoria Hospital offers patients a 24-hour radiography service – helping diagnose broken bones, lung disorders and also offering pregnancy scans. Three X-ray rooms, X-rays in the operating theatres, ultrasound scans and a CAT scan machine offer the technology that supports doctors throughout the hospital in their diagnoses.

The Radiology Department supports the Orthopaedic Department in helping diagnose fractures and then during operations. The Medical and Paediatric Wards require X-rays and scans  in order to assess TB, strokes, heart enlargements and pneumonia.

Roger Arendse – Radiographer
Head of Department, Radiology

Roger Arendse brings 25 years of experience to his role leading this department for the past nine years. He loves the interaction with patients in radiography. After a time away working in Ireland, he returned to South Africa to make a difference for the patients in Cape Town. He enjoys Victoria Hospital and has been here so long as he loves the team spirit among the staff.

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Radiology Department

Working throughout the hospital


X-ray of Fractures

An X-ray is essential after any major injury or accident, especially if the patient cannot move the affected limb.

Orthopaedic Surgery

A radiographer is an important part of the team during orthopaedic surgery.

Advanced Scans

A CAT Scan is a combination of many X-rays, forming a detailed 3-D image. It helps diagnose head injuries and cancers.

"X-rays and scans play a part in almost every Department in the hospital.
Its a dream to work with all the departments - there are no power struggles."

- Roger Arendse -