Surgical Department

These skilled hands change lives in a few hours


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Precision, high standards and a dedication to detail. Through teamwork and sheer dedication, the Victoria Hospital surgery team works tirelessly, achieving record volumes of surgeries in the three theatres. The teams are proud of the gastrointestinal work they do, using cutting edge key-hole surgery. This uses special fine instruments called scopes that take cameras into the patient to radically reduce scarring and healing time. We are also proud of the ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) surgeries that are restoring hearing in hundreds of patients who come through the doors of the surgery department.


“Sleep wraps up the sleeve of care” – said Shakespeare, it also allows surgeons to do their work as a patient sleeps soundly. An anaesthetist partners with surgeons, carefully administering anaesthesia so that a patient feels no pain, and wakes at just the right time.

An anaesthetist is also responsible for pain management in patients who are experiencing chronic pain. They also cover patients in ICU, ensuring they are well looked after and pain medication and sleep are well covered.

Dr. Jeremy Plaskett- Surgeon
Head of Department, Surgery

Dr. Jeremy Plaskett loves the teamwork and interaction between departments at Victoria. He has a wide range of surgical skills, but is most interested in upper gastrointestinal surgery. Dr Plaskett is currently working on a project to start a gastroscopy service at False Bay Hospital.

Sister Andrews and Sr Maree

They oversee the working cogs of this department, ensuring the department has the most innovative equipment and staff are well managed. This  duo ensures that high quality surgery proceeds smoothly in the high pressure and dynamic theatre environment.

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Dr. Zahnne Fullerton- Anaesthetist
Head of Department, Anaesthetics

Dr. Fullerton brings a mix of considerable theoretical knowledge, technical expertise, and nerves of steel to ensure that her patients receive quality anesthetic care.Dr Fullerton has established a training programme for anesthetic medical officers and interns and is tireless in her quest for high standards from herself and her staff.

Surgical Department

Precision and care for every patient


Hard-working Team

The surgical team works hard to tackle a huge case load, ensuring high standards.

Innovative Equipment

Cutting edge key-hole surgery reduces scarring and time in hospital

Specialist Care

Our team of specialist doctors and nurses operate in three busy theatres.

"The work ethic at this hospital is unbelievable.
Patients are well-looked after in a great atmosphere."

Dr. Mark Hampton