Hospital pharmacists that are an integral part of the team


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When facing illness, you don’t fight it alone – medications are constantly being discovered that tackle major ailments and diseases. The Pharmacy Department at Victoria Hospital works hard to match patients to medications that will cure their illnesses or at the very least reduce their symptoms, pain or discomfort.

The Pharmacy Department dispenses medication to both inpatients (like pain medication for surgery and orthopaedic patients) and to outpatients (like children at the HIV medication clinic). The Pharmacy department stands out as its team of full-time pharmacists, pharmacy assistants and one pharmacy intern do ward rounds, personally visiting patients in the wards. In this way the pharmacists are an important part of the medical team, checking for symptoms and side effects in order to match the patient to the best medication possible.

Mark Paterson – Pharmacist 
Head of Department, Pharmacy

Mark Paterson has been HOD of the Pharmacy Department at Victoria Hospital for 3 years. He enjoys hospital pharmacy as it allows the pharmacist to be face-to-face with patients, seeing impactful recoveries and responses to medication.

Mark practiced hospital pharmacy at Cecilia Makawani Hospital in East London for ten years, then focused on pharmacy targeted at HIV/AIDS at the NPO BroadReach Health Care in Cape Town. Mark heads up a team of 11 pharmacists and pharmacy assistants and enjoys being involved in offering comprehensive pharmacist intern training.

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"At Victoria the pharmacists meet the patients, personally checking symptoms and side-effects to ensure just the right medicine is given" - Mark Paterson -