Volunteer your Time

There is nothing more valuable to give.



Raise funds for any event from a ladies lunch to a race or comedy night. Dedicate a few weeks or months to boost Victoria.

Early Child Development Trainer

The Early Child Development foundation years are crucial, help children in hospital develop well into the future.

Trolley Dollys

Fridays are a highlight for patients when the Trolley Dollys bring magazines and books to brighten the whole week.

Want to Volunteer?

Contact Arlene Titus at the office of the CEO at arlene.titus@westerncape.gov.za or call her on 021 799 1237



The Colour of Hope

Paint or hang curtains and be part of changing hospital ward from drab to fab


"There is a special place in my heart for Victoria,
our time here is so life-changing - for us!"

- Carol, Volunteer -