Palliative Care Department

Offering Quality Care for patients facing the end of life


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Palliative Care Department

“When you learn how to die, you learn how to live”

As one approaches the journey of life into death, professional support and advice in the last few months can be most beneficial for patient and family alike. The Palliative Care Department offers this support. Palliative care is for both young and old, facing illnesses like organ failure, cancer, and HIV/AIDS.

The unique ‘Abundant Life Palliative Care Centre’ at Victoria Hospital provides a place for patients to come to receive this support. The staff provide training and support for patients. Guiding patients to enrich their time with their families, building support groups and offering practical advice with patients’ administrative affairs, such as wills.

It has taken many years of tireless hard work, innovation, perseverance and dedication to make the ALPC centre the success it is today. The program was initially developed by Dr. Lindi van Niekerk and then adopted by Dr Cupido who leads the Centre to this day.  In 2009 Sister Elizabeth Pitout joined Dr Cupido and served until her retirement in 2022.

ALPC is represented on the provincial palliative care task team and is involved in the writing of the first Guidelines for palliative care for Adults and Children.

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The ALPC and Victoria Hospital are very grateful for the support and partnership of the Harry Crossley Foundation in this pioneering project as well as the endorsement and partnership with University of Cape Town as a teaching site.

Dr. Clint Cupido – Specialist Physician
Head of Palliative Care

Dr. Cupido started at Victoria Hospital in 2008 in the Internal Medicine department. He was drawn to palliative care by the desperate need in the community he was serving. He now heads up the Palliative Care service at Victoria Hospital and the Abundant Life Palliative Care Centre (ALPC). His aim is to see palliative care integrated into the government sector.

Dr Cupido is a dedicated clinician, lecturer, manager and leader.

He is married and has two boys. He enjoys playing squash and has completed numerous Cape Town Cycle Tours.


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Charmaine Hendricks (centre manager and administrator), Rosemary Williams, Elizabeth De Klerk and Jennifer Isaacs (Bedside Counsellors)


Sister Veronique Davids Easton – Palliative Care Co Ordinator  

Sister Davids Easton’s journey at Victoria Hospital started in January 2012 as a community service sister after graduating with a B. Cur Degree in Nursing Science. The following year she became part of the permanent staff as a Registered Professional Nurse and has served in most of the wards in the hospital. She started working in palliative care in February 2022. She has found that the change to palliative medicine and care has highlighted the need to be attentive to the unspoken needs of patients, as well as seeing the patient within a context of multiple and dynamic relationships. She has learned that something as simple as your presence at the bedside or telephonically impacts tremendously in the care of the patient and family. Sister Davids is  passionate about patient care and optimising quality of life.

Victoria Hospital’s Social worker, Dietician and Physiotherapist  are also an integral part of the team.

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The Abundant Life Programme offers

Support from a Group that feels like Family


Home Visits

Home visits bring care right to the bedside of the most ill patients and comfort to their families.

Support Groups

Support Groups allow patients to talk about their feelings, connect and find courage from friends that feel like family.

Phone call Support

The Abundant Life team connects frequently with patients and their families to offer advice and comfort.

"We have patients who live on, beyond expectations.
We must be doing something right!"

- Sister Elizabeth Pitout -