Occupational Therapy Department

“Occupational Therapy is where science, creativity and compassion collide”



The Occupational Therapy team is made up of three dynamic therapists whose objective is to improve the functional performance of their clients. In the acute in-patient setting, therapy is focused on improving independence in day-to-day activities such as self-care, cognition and mobility. Here you’ll find them adapting a task to ensure the client is able to use the toilet independently, issuing a device that allows a client to feed themselves or facilitating cognitive activities to enable a client to return to work.

In the out-patient setting, the Paediatric OT facilitates child development, family training and treats a wide variety of conditions including cerebral palsy and the autistic spectrum disorders. Our Adult OT works alongside clients who have sustained hand injuries, strokes or amputations to ensure they are reaching their functional goals. This involves splinting, work assessments, wheelchair seating and so much more!

The OT department strives to empower its clients to live meaningful lives as independently as possible through sharing their knowledge and experience.

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Crystal Johannisen – Occupational Therapist
Head of Department, Occupational Therapy 

Crystal is passionate about Occupational Therapy and sharing the impact it has made in the lives of those she works with. She loves building relationships with her clients and seeing them thrive regardless of age, diagnosis or stage of life. Crystal has a BSc Occupational Therapy from the University of Cape Town and joined the team in 2019. In her spare time, she enjoys reading novels and swimming in the ocean.

Occupational Therapy Department

“Occupational Therapy is where science, creativity and compassion collide”



We advocate for the right to access and services


We value the uniqueness, worth and needs of each individual


We provide a client-centered and evidence-based therapeutic service

At the core, we find meaning in what we do every day whether it be playing an instrument or caring for a spouse. Occupational Therapy has the necessary tools to enable you to do what you want to do after experiencing the loss of function due to illness or trauma.
– Crystal Johannisen