New Year’s message from the CEO

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Dear all


A belated welcome to 2020—a new year, a new decade and a period of new challenges and opportunities!

Welcome back to those who had some time off and thank you for those who kept the hospital running so well.

It’s been a privilege meeting people at Victoria Hospital who have such commitment to our patients, each other and to the vision of who we are—these form a foundation upon which great things can be built.

My main priority for this year is to continue listening to you and our patients to understand our services better and to start formulating a future we can collectively support. I will also support the hospital’s priorities to ensure there is some continuity.

This year won’t be without its challenges, both financially and operationally. Despite this, the work ethic and culture of Victoria is one that we can depend on to get us through these challenges, just as we have in the past.

Our community will rely on us to be committed to their well being, to be professional and compassionate at all times and to continually strive to be better.

I will, as best as I can, work with you directly and through my management team to ensure you have the support you need. Thank you in advance for your commitment—each of you is a valued member of Team Victoria who has great potential to serve those who need our help and care.


Jonathan Vaughan

CEO: Victoria Hospital

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